As CBD products have grown in popularity, manufacturers have put a lot more research into the methods that they use not only to extract the oil from the plants, but also in the way that they grow their plants too. The result is some incredible products that really maximise the benefits that you get from CBD.



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One of the brands that has really seen huge European popularity is Love CBD. They currently have a huge range of different CBD products including oils and edibles which are proving to be very well received by their European customer base.

One of those that has seen a lot of success is the Love CBD Entourage Oil. This oil contains a blend of numerous different legal strains which are grown all across Europe.

This means that you get not only some fantastic flavour, but also a much more potent oil. This oil is quite different to most oils in that it only contains olive oil and cannabis extras so it is completely natural.

It is full spectrum, so you benefit from all of the compounds found in cannabis rather than just CBD on it’s own. I decided to test out not only the Love CBD Entourage Oil, but also try out some of their edibles too. Read on below for my thoughts!

Love CBD Entourage Oil

Product Info:

  • 20ml Bottle
  • 2000mg CBD Per Bottle
  • 16mg CBD Per Spray

Love CBD Entourage Oil Packaging

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This is one of the things that really stood out for me and something that makes this CBD oil quite unique. It still comes in the standard bottle that you would usually find with CBD oil.

However, this one has a spray top rather than the traditional dropper that you would usually get. I have to say that this made administering the oil far more palatable. The spray still goes under the tongue but it is not quite as concentrated in one area which is much better.

The logo is found on the front of the bottle and it looks like a quality CBD product. The Entourage Oil comes in 20ml spray bottles in 3 different strengths; 800mg, 1400mg and 2000mg. For the purposes of this review, I chose the 2000mg strength.

The Effects of Love CBD Entourage Oil

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The first thing that I would definitely like to mention is the taste of the Entourage Oil. With most CBD oils you will expect a certain taste which isn’t exactly pleasant. However, this one is quite different.

With the first spray, I noticed a slight peppery taste which whilst I can’t really describe it as pleasant, it was a lot nicer than some of the other oils that I have tried in the past. The reason for this taste is because there is such a diverse blend of terpenes used in this one.

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Although you do usually get an initial reaction from any CBD oil, I have to say that I was a little surprised by the potency of this one and the strengths of the effects.

Within minutes of administering my first spray I felt my whole body relax and my mind cleared completely. It has a slightly uplifting effect, but nothing that would compromise your ability to go about your daily business.

Not only did the Love CBD Entourage Oil really help me to naturally reduce my stress levels, but I also found that I was far more energetic and able to get a proper, restful sleep without any interruptions.

If you suffer from stress, insomnia, anxiety or fatigue, then I would certainly recommend this product. The lower strength doses might be a little less noticeable in the way that they work, but the 2000mg strength was definitely effective.

Love CBD Edibles

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Although CBD oil is and always has been one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD, there are plenty of people who really don’t like the idea of consuming an oil. This is understandable; some of the oils out there are not pleasant at all.

However, there are different ways of getting your daily CBD and one of them is to purchase some CBD edibles. Love CBD currently don’t stock any edibles, but it is likely that they will in the future to keep up with demand.

However, they do offer a range of balms and e-liquids containing high concentrations of CBD so it is worth trying these out if you are not a fan of CBD oil.


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